Thursday, September 19, 2013


Thank you to all who have been coming to visit my site. I currently have a new website that is up and running and would love you to check it out. That site will have my new blog posts so this site will soon be obsolete. Please go visit and let me know what you think.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Felt-tastic Projects for a DIY Birthday

Here are a few more DIY projects I decided to tack on to my already huge list of birthday to-dos. I purchased felt from the local craft store, as well as fabric tote bags to use as favors for Isabella's little guests. I wanted to personalize the favor bags so I decided to monogram their first initial using felt and my handy dandy sewing machine. For Isabella's first birthday, I made their favor bags with striped fabric and a drawstring closure and sewed tags with their names on the side. I always thinks kids will love things that have their name on them. 

Using Adobe Illustrator, I printed each child's first initial in a sizable font, outlined the letter so I use less ink and it's easier to cut out...for me. Once that was done, I transferred the paper to a piece of felt then cut the letters out. Each letter was then placed on a tote bag and I sewed around each letter, tied a thank you tag on the handle, filled the bag with a book about a famous artist, art supplies (mini water color, mini crayons, coloring book, candy) and it's ready for their eager hands!

With the leftover felt, I made a mini pendant streamer with Isabella's name on it to attach to the cake. I cut out little triangles with pink felt, then cut out her name with white. I attached each letter to a triangle with a quick pass in my sewing machine. After sewing each triangle together, I attached the streamer to two dowels. Placed the dowels onto the cake and Voila! Done! 

The last felt project was her crown. I had made a felt crown for her last year and now I think it's become a tradition. Using the colors of her party, I retraced the template I used last year. Using pink felt as the base and gray as the background, I cut out circles of light blue and yellow to decorate the crown. Lastly, I stitched the number 2 on the center front, and cut inside the lines to bring out the gray background. I added elastic to the back and her crown is done! Lot of work, but honestly, so worth it!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Paper Mobiles

On to decoration #2...paper mobiles. You can get the full tutorial here. In the tutorial she used vellum, but for the one I made, I used the same paper that I used for the paper lanterns. I thought that would tie everything in better with the rest of the decorations. I also made them shorter since I didn't want it to be in the way of the food for the guests. Since I used mostly things I already had in the house, I used regular sewing thread and instead of artist' tape, I used clear packing tape. Before taping the mobile to the ceiling, I put the tape on my arm, lessen the tackiness. This way I didn't have to worry about pulling the paint off my ceiling. Lastly, I negated the fishing weight. I didn't think I needed it. Overall, I think these modern mobiles are fantastic and super easy to make. I would definitely make them again...for a shower, birthday, pretty much anything.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrating TWO! A DIY Birthday...

My apologies, it has been awhile since my last post. The past few weeks I had been busy coming up with ideas for Isabella's 2nd Birthday. I knew I was going to have an art party for her. She loves to draw and paint and simply..create. I based all her decorations on the colors: pink, yellow and light blue. I took the colors off of these pretty napkins my sister had purchased for me at Home Goods.

My first project was to re-create the everyday paper lantern. I had seen a picture on the mylittlejedi blog of paper lanterns for her son's 3rd birthday party. I, of course, said to myself, "Oh, I could make that." Next day, headed to the local craft store, and purchased 3 white paper lanterns and a 2 1/2" circle cutter.  At home, I gathered my hot glue gun and 3 shades of pink, blue and yellow. I figured out you can get about 12 circles per page and I used 6 pages of each shade...that's A LOT of circles. After I cut them out, I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Using the lighter of the colors first, I hot glued each circle onto the lantern, overlapping slightly. I created 3 rows of each color to create a sort of ombré effect. I was very happy with how they all turned out. I will continue to post the other DIY decorations I did for her birthday.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stencil Art

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As my first post for 2013, I thought I'd share my recent home renovation project with you. Enjoy!

Sometimes when I think of stencils, I think old-fashioned, out-dated, too busy. Yet, nowadays, stencils come in all sorts of beautiful motifs, designs, and artistic borders. I took this into consideration after I needed to redo my staircase going to the second floor. After removing the carpet that encased the stairs for well over 30 years, it definitely needed a bit of TLC. I was thinking of putting a runner in but for some reason, it seemed too boring for me. 

Let's see if I can paint you a picture...once you enter my house, the staircase is about 2 feet away from the front door...nestled to the right, on the left is the hallway going into the living room. So basically the staircase is the main 'object' in that particular space and I wanted it to be showcased properly and I guess uniquely. With that said, I turned to stencils. I decided to use stencils on the stair risers to make the stairs standout from the rest of the space. We went ahead and painted the risers white, and I had already decided we would be incorporating gray into the space as well. I found two beautiful stencils from a site called: Royal Design Studio. I opted for a Moroccan design for the risers and thought 3 separate designs will work well for the staircase. I found my last stencil at a local craft store. Once I had all my supplies on hand, I went to work. The whole stencil job took me approximately an entire weekend.

The supplies that I used:
:: stencils of your choice
:: paint (I used latex paint {flat}
:: spray adhesive
:: painters tape
:: a stencil brush
:: plastic plate
:: paper towels

The toughest part of job was getting the edges and corners done, but thankfully, stencils are quite flexible, so after a bit of bending and maneuvering, I managed to get the result I wanted. Also another good tip, I found spray adhesive to be a huge help in this project. It kept the stencil in place and prevented any bleeding, also a stencil brush has much better results then a foam brush. The foam tends to hold more paint which then leads to messy stenciling.

Step 1: coat the back of the stencil with spray adhesive. Let the adhesive set for a minute or two so it becomes tacky to the touch.
Step 2: Apply the stencil to the surface, I started from the left side. Make sure the stencil is level, you may want to make marks to help maintain a straight line across. I just eyed everything for this project.
Step 3. Dab the stencil brush into your paint. I then swirled it around a plastic plate to remove any excess, then to be doubly sure, I dabbed it again on a paper towel. The key is to barely have paint on the brush. You can always go back to add more layers of paint. This ensures that the paint does not bleed behind the stencil. I used circular motions to apply the paint onto my prepared surface.
Step 4: Once the entire stencil is coated, I carefully removed the stencil and reapplied it to the next section of the riser.

I used 4 separate stencil for this project. The end result, in my opinion, looks fabulous. I will be adding a matte varnish over the stencil, re-sand the treads and then apply quarter round on the edges. But for now, I couldn't be  happier with the results.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

Every holiday season, I try to come up with a unique gift wrap for all the presents that we end up buying for our loved ones and friends. For the past few years, I opted not to purchase holiday wrapping and instead usually wrap the presents in brown craft paper and then gussy it up somehow. Reason gift wrap is way pricier then buying a roll of craft paper at an office supply store or better yet, online. This year, since I ran out of wrapping paper, I decided to use the brown paper rolls they sell at the local hardware superstore which turns out to be pretty much exactly like craft paper. Score one for me! The only thing left was to figure out what I can do to make it stand out. 

After countless searches on the internet and local blogs that I love, I found one that I thought would be perfect for me. I found the idea on the blog ManMade. Though the name may seem that the blog is solely dedicated to the male species...I am here to tell you that it is not. The blog has amazing and fun DIY tutorials that any do-it-yourself-er will appreciate. 

The tutorial that I chose was the post on how to make Typographic Gift Wrap. It is quite an easy process and you don't need may tools to do it.  I strayed from the instructions a bit just because I found it easier to do certain thing differently than they described in the blog post, but the outcome was pretty much the same. 

The tools I used were:
old magazines
exact-o knife
pair of scissors
double sided tape

I went ahead and made a font template on Adobe Illustrator using the font, NeutraText. In ManMade, he provides three sets of fonts to use that you can easily download onto your computer. I printed the letters onto heavy card stock and then, using an exact-o knife, went ahead and cut each letter out. I now have a stencil to use. I traced the letters that I needed onto pages from an old magazine and then cut the letters out with the scissors. Using double sided tape (Tombo mono adhesive), I pasted each name onto the present. I think they came out amazing and a big thank you to Chris from ManMade for posting the how-to.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A new arrival...

A friend of ours recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I wanted to make something special for their new addition to the family.  As usual, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and what I found were instructions for a pair of super cute crocheted baby booties. The instructions seemed easy enough. . These were so adorable, I had to make them for the new little nugget. They were perfect for a novice like me and in no time, I had a pair of booties to give to my friends. I am sure I'll be recreating these again since they were so quick to make. Plus, what new parent wouldn't love a pair of homemade baby booties?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

An IKEA re-do...

Since we decided that Isabella was big enough to graduate from the high chair,  I decided to purchase an Ikea table and chairs. I bought the set in plain white and chose to personalize it when I got home. The reason being, that the table is just painted pine, and once Isabella starts to draw or eat on that table, it will instantly get dirty. I had leftover wallpaper from my recent office renovation and thought that would work perfectly for the top of the table.  The wallpaper is basically contact paper for walls..super easy to clean and wipe off any smudges or food that will eventually fall on it. After realizing I had a few more feet left of wallpaper, I decided to cover the seat of two chairs. The results...well, see for yourself. 

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