Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Green Living...

I'm currently traveling in LA and attending a conference called Opportunity Green. I'm mostly here to support my husband who will be speaking in a matter of hours, but the concept behind this entire convention is creating a sustainable future for not only ourselves but for the future of our children. Opportunity Green's mission is to create a dialogue between a community of forward thinkers and those wanting to be in the know of how to make a positive change in the world. The 600 people here are at the intersection of design, sustainability, and business. The speakers are so inspirational that you can't help but WANT to make a difference, no matter how small or big it will be. My husband and I have been doing our best to provide a green and energy efficient household; we're using a rain barrel collector for our potted garden, we compost our food scraps for healthy and nutritional soil, of course we recycle and we try to remember to bring cloth bags when we go grocery shopping. Honestly, the smallest contribution toward the environment can make a big difference.
So just to name a few companies present that you may be able to relate to is Dwell, a magazine dedicated to green home design and architecture, Room & Board, a high-end furniture company, Seventh Generation, a company dedicated to eco-friendly cleaning products, and several media companies, including Fast Company, Planet Green, and Newsweek
Below are pictures I took during the conference. I apologize for the graininess...they were taken with my phone. The first five are pictures of innovative models that showcase sustainability through design. Each model uses less energy to create, all are recyclable, and can easily replace its predecessor way more efficiently. Not only are these products good for the environment, they are beautiful to look at.

  1. IMA-JON: exploration tools by Kenji Huang
  2. SPIRIT: Sustainable Automotive Seat by Magdalene Paluch
  4. CICLO: Scooter jacket and Backpack by Chris Wu
  5. ECO DECK: Skimboard by John Phillips
  6. KIMBALL OFFICE CHAIR: The Fit - Eco-friendly chair
  7. ROOT POUCH: made of 100% recycled material
  8. Mini sculptures made of cardboard rolls and rolled newspaper...found on each table at the main conference room.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My first mobile post...

So recently found out that I can blog on the go, which may help me keep you all informed of my current projects. Here's to hoping this mobile blogging thing goes smoothly...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Art @ Habana...

Habana Outpost that is. For the past 2 years, I've been working at the Kids Corner at Habana Outpost in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I'm there to teach the kids eco-art, which basically means showing them how to do projects with recycled items, ie..scrap paper, bottles, cds etc. Today's project was all about Paper Bag Puppets. The kids get to use their imagination and create whatever kind of puppet they wanted, using glue sticks, scrap construction paper and markers and/or crayons. As an example, I made "Rover" the Paper Bag dog...the kids were welcomed to imitate the puppet I created or start something from scratch. The results...spectacular inventiveness. Take a look:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's talk primary...

Primary colors seem to be popping up everywhere. I first noticed it at my nephew and niece's joint birthday party a couple of weeks ago. My sister decorated the house in wonderful hues of red, blue, yellow and green. To top it all off, my mom purchased the perfect cake for the party. It totally fit in with the color scheme. After that, I seemed to have noticed those colors everywhere. Take a look...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A break from the everyday...

A stroll in the park is the perfect remedy to clear my head of my workload and just relax...with my dog, Taj.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wall Art...

I am one of those individuals that has an ever changing home. It seems I am constantly moving furniture around or painting the walls or purchasing a new piece for a room. It seems I'm never satisfied. Yet, lately, I've been interested in something other than paint for the walls....wallpaper. Though it's not permanent, it definitely is more difficult to change than a paint color. I've been searching for wallpaper for awhile now and it seems I can't seem to commit. The variations in styles are endless. It's surprisingly easy to put up but choosing the right kind is the issue. Granted my plan was to just use it for a single wall since I feel that covering all four walls of a room can be a bit overwhelming, but it still doesn't make choosing the right style any easier. Here are just a few patterns that I fell in love with..

all images taken from Graham & Brown website

  1. Elizabeth - Black and White
  2. Deco - White
  3. Darcy - White
  4. Topkapi - Blue
  5. Lucille - Blue
  6. Enchant - Black
  7. Heritage - Beige
  8. Bijou - Green
  9. Checker - White
Other sites to check out.. WallpaperSpace, Direct Wallpaper, Mod Green Pod, and Ferm Living.

Friday, September 10, 2010

For the love of Fonts...

Fonts are like people, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect font when designing a card is like discovering something new for the first time. It's hard to explain exactly the feeling but let's just say, fonts help push the point across be it for a themed birthday party, a wedding, or even a baby announcement. Many people think that the only typefaces that exist are the ones they find on their computer. (You know the pull down menu on Word or PowerPoint. ) But in actuality, there are hundreds of thousands of fonts that you can download free from the internet or if you want, you can pay for them too. If you would like to get more creative, there are programs that you can use to design your own font...if, of course, that's something you would be into. Fonts for me are not just characters on a page or a card or on the screen, it's art...plain and simple. Here's just a very few of my favs...

  1. Sketch Block Lt
  2. Giddyup STD
  3. Helvetica Neue Std
  4. American Typewriter
  5. Copperplate Gothic
  6. Bickham Script Pro

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little miracles....

A few months ago we received news that someone in our family was having a baby, and recently they found out the sex. In addition, another friend just gave birth to their first child this past weekend. The excitement that surrounds the news of a little one is intoxicating. I have 4 nieces and a nephew and each time my sisters broke their little secrets to us, I couldn't help but cry. Children are amazing blessings and here are just a few baby showers, announcements and birthdays that I was asked to create for my clients. This post is dedicated to those little miracles...

all invitations are cut and assembled by hand.
  1. Baby Shower...hand punched ducks on 3 different colored green strips. Strips then hand sewn onto card
  2. Birthday...Shrek themed party...invitation printed on blue paper then matted on hand cut green paper with raised '2'
  3. Birthday...Circus themed party
  4. Baby announcement..hand drawn family crest with baby's name (front)
  5. Baby picture printed and pasted on card with details on opposite end (inside)
  6. Baby's scanned footprints included on announcement
  7. Birthday...Lego themed party..invitation printed on matte white paper and matted on thick red cardstock
  8. Baby Shower...invitation printed on matte white paper and matted on green cardstock
  9. Baby Announcement...raised hand cut bloomers with baby's name printed on them. Invitation matted on pink cardstock.

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