Friday, September 10, 2010

For the love of Fonts...

Fonts are like people, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect font when designing a card is like discovering something new for the first time. It's hard to explain exactly the feeling but let's just say, fonts help push the point across be it for a themed birthday party, a wedding, or even a baby announcement. Many people think that the only typefaces that exist are the ones they find on their computer. (You know the pull down menu on Word or PowerPoint. ) But in actuality, there are hundreds of thousands of fonts that you can download free from the internet or if you want, you can pay for them too. If you would like to get more creative, there are programs that you can use to design your own font...if, of course, that's something you would be into. Fonts for me are not just characters on a page or a card or on the screen, it's art...plain and simple. Here's just a very few of my favs...

  1. Sketch Block Lt
  2. Giddyup STD
  3. Helvetica Neue Std
  4. American Typewriter
  5. Copperplate Gothic
  6. Bickham Script Pro

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