Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little miracles....

A few months ago we received news that someone in our family was having a baby, and recently they found out the sex. In addition, another friend just gave birth to their first child this past weekend. The excitement that surrounds the news of a little one is intoxicating. I have 4 nieces and a nephew and each time my sisters broke their little secrets to us, I couldn't help but cry. Children are amazing blessings and here are just a few baby showers, announcements and birthdays that I was asked to create for my clients. This post is dedicated to those little miracles...

all invitations are cut and assembled by hand.
  1. Baby Shower...hand punched ducks on 3 different colored green strips. Strips then hand sewn onto card
  2. Birthday...Shrek themed party...invitation printed on blue paper then matted on hand cut green paper with raised '2'
  3. Birthday...Circus themed party
  4. Baby announcement..hand drawn family crest with baby's name (front)
  5. Baby announcement..baby picture printed and pasted on card with details on opposite end (inside)
  6. Baby announcement...baby's scanned footprints included on announcement
  7. Birthday...Lego themed party..invitation printed on matte white paper and matted on thick red cardstock
  8. Baby Shower...invitation printed on matte white paper and matted on green cardstock
  9. Baby Announcement...raised hand cut bloomers with baby's name printed on them. Invitation matted on pink cardstock.

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  1. i loooove little miracles!! i would like to order annoucements from you one day!


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