Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ring around the rosy...

Rings...probably one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. If you read my bio, you already know I took jewelry classes...but do you know the reason? Some of you may..but for those that don't, I'll tell you. I had recently gotten engaged, and thought what a wonderful wedding gift it would be if I was able to design and create our very own, one of a kind wedding rings. It sounded so great in my head and thankfully, the rings came out better than expected. After that, I was addicted! So this post is dedicated to a few rings that I have forged with my very own two hands.

  1. Wedding bands - Smaller band set with diamonds, larger band has hammered texture (white gold)
  2. Stackables (sterling silver)
  3. Band with textured surface (sterling silver)
  4. Band (sterling silver)
  5. Band (hand forged, sterling silver)
  6. Intricate band hand forged with 3 settings which can be set with the necessary stones (sterling silver)
  7. Star ring (sterling silver)
  8. Thick band with cut-outs (sterling silver)
  9. Band with double grooves (sterling silver)


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