Monday, September 13, 2010

Wall Art...

I am one of those individuals that has an ever changing home. It seems I am constantly moving furniture around or painting the walls or purchasing a new piece for a room. It seems I'm never satisfied. Yet, lately, I've been interested in something other than paint for the walls....wallpaper. Though it's not permanent, it definitely is more difficult to change than a paint color. I've been searching for wallpaper for awhile now and it seems I can't seem to commit. The variations in styles are endless. It's surprisingly easy to put up but choosing the right kind is the issue. Granted my plan was to just use it for a single wall since I feel that covering all four walls of a room can be a bit overwhelming, but it still doesn't make choosing the right style any easier. Here are just a few patterns that I fell in love with..

all images taken from Graham & Brown website

  1. Elizabeth - Black and White
  2. Deco - White
  3. Darcy - White
  4. Topkapi - Blue
  5. Lucille - Blue
  6. Enchant - Black
  7. Heritage - Beige
  8. Bijou - Green
  9. Checker - White
Other sites to check out.. WallpaperSpace, Direct Wallpaper, Mod Green Pod, and Ferm Living.

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