Monday, November 8, 2010

Warmth on a chilly day...

So if you ever have taken a lil one on a walk, in their stroller, on a chilly day, you know that even with gloves on, your hands start to freeze. For years, it happened to me when I would have to take my nephew or one of my nieces out of the house. So to solve this small predicament, I crafted a hand warmer out of 100% cotton and flannel that goes over my sister's Bugaboo. It velcros on both sides, and all you have to do, is insert your hands inside, and TA-DAA!!! your hands stay warm from the frigid air. Now all I have to do is give it to her. =)

Stay tuned for the reveal =)

  1. Fabrics: Orange polka-dot, black flannel and yellow piping
  2. Attaching the yellow piping to the fabric
  3. Sewing the piping on
  4. Creating a buttonhole
  5. Sewing button on
  6. Final product!

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