Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ingenuity at it's BEST!

After reading about this amazing clock on one of my fav blogs (, I had to share. The artist, Siren Elise Wilhelmson, developed "the 365 knitting measure and register time in a three dimensional form to visualise the otherwise invisible time factor that connects us all" Instead of using numbers, the clock knits the hours and days. How do you tell time? I don't think this clock is meant to be so literal. It's creates one stitch each half hour and a full circle is knitted by the end of the day. Once the year is over, the 365 Knitting Clock completes a scarf, measuring a little over 6 and a half feet long and a new ball of yarn takes over for the new year. Unfortunately, the clock isn't for sale, not that I would be able to afford it, I'm sure. It's simply ingenious!

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