Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Handmade Nursery...

So, as most of you know, my little bundle of joy is due in less than 6 weeks. I have been working super hard in making her room super cozy and inviting for her for the past 4 mos. My main objective was to create most of the things in her room...and I believe I've accomplished that. I'll be dedicating an entire post on the before and after of the room, but wanted to showcase the handmade goodies I created for her in this particular post. This is the reason why my posts have been pretty scarce lately. I have been working a lot on getting not only the nursery ready but the entire house. You could say that the whole nesting phase they say pregnancy brings on...has hit me....like a ton of bricks!! Enjoy the photos!

One of the main things I loved is choosing the fabric for the room. I found all my fabrics on Nursery Fabrics and chose which fabric was used for what. For these bunting flags, I chose multi dot and garden dot.

I showcased this mobile a few posts ago. Inspired by PurlSoho, I created this mobile with very little money.

The white curtains are lined with black-out fabric so when she's ready for bed, the light from the window won't bother her.

This paper lantern gathering-of-sorts was inspired by several nurseries posted in Ohdeedoh. I created the large green tissue paper pom pom in the middle and just added each paper lantern around to make it look somewhat balanced. The green paper lanterns are by Martha Stewart, and the other were found on Luna Bazaar.

I purchased a cornice board kit online and upholstered it with the fabric I purchased at Nursery Fabrics. Super easy to do, and it definitely made the small window in her room pop.

I found this hanging book display on Penny Carnival online and thought it would be perfect for her room. For the shower, each of my guests were asked to bring in a book instead of a card for the nursery. So now, she is blessed with a beginners children's library and I needed a place to put all the books. This way we can showcase a few and switch them out every so often. I made the display reversible so if I ever get bored of it, I can always turn it inside out. You can see the inside fabric in the next photo.

Lastly, this piece was in my office. It was dirty and was definitely worn out in many places. With a new coat of high gloss white and new knobs from Anthropologie, It's now her storage place for diapers, binkies, and more. Love when I get to re-purpose old things!


  1. Oh so beautiful! I love the colors especially the fun mobile. xo

  2. Is that just a double curtain rod for the book display? Very Clever!

  3. Thank you ladies...and yeah, Lalena..double curtain rod. =)

  4. Marv, you are amazingly talented!

  5. Beautiful work as usual! I love your book display. Great idea. Your little girl is sure to have lots of fun with such a creative mama. :o)

  6. So charming and beautiful. Wonderful that you will inspire your daughter with your art. We live in an apt flooded w/ art (my bf is a professional photographer and painter ... and more) and from birth, my baby girl's eyes would open widely to stare at it. She still does. So will yours. Congratulations - hearts!


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