Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

Every holiday season, I try to come up with a unique gift wrap for all the presents that we end up buying for our loved ones and friends. For the past few years, I opted not to purchase holiday wrapping and instead usually wrap the presents in brown craft paper and then gussy it up somehow. Reason gift wrap is way pricier then buying a roll of craft paper at an office supply store or better yet, online. This year, since I ran out of wrapping paper, I decided to use the brown paper rolls they sell at the local hardware superstore which turns out to be pretty much exactly like craft paper. Score one for me! The only thing left was to figure out what I can do to make it stand out. 

After countless searches on the internet and local blogs that I love, I found one that I thought would be perfect for me. I found the idea on the blog ManMade. Though the name may seem that the blog is solely dedicated to the male species...I am here to tell you that it is not. The blog has amazing and fun DIY tutorials that any do-it-yourself-er will appreciate. 

The tutorial that I chose was the post on how to make Typographic Gift Wrap. It is quite an easy process and you don't need may tools to do it.  I strayed from the instructions a bit just because I found it easier to do certain thing differently than they described in the blog post, but the outcome was pretty much the same. 

The tools I used were:
old magazines
exact-o knife
pair of scissors
double sided tape

I went ahead and made a font template on Adobe Illustrator using the font, NeutraText. In ManMade, he provides three sets of fonts to use that you can easily download onto your computer. I printed the letters onto heavy card stock and then, using an exact-o knife, went ahead and cut each letter out. I now have a stencil to use. I traced the letters that I needed onto pages from an old magazine and then cut the letters out with the scissors. Using double sided tape (Tombo mono adhesive), I pasted each name onto the present. I think they came out amazing and a big thank you to Chris from ManMade for posting the how-to.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A new arrival...

A friend of ours recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I wanted to make something special for their new addition to the family.  As usual, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and what I found were instructions for a pair of super cute crocheted baby booties. The instructions seemed easy enough. . These were so adorable, I had to make them for the new little nugget. They were perfect for a novice like me and in no time, I had a pair of booties to give to my friends. I am sure I'll be recreating these again since they were so quick to make. Plus, what new parent wouldn't love a pair of homemade baby booties?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

An IKEA re-do...

Since we decided that Isabella was big enough to graduate from the high chair,  I decided to purchase an Ikea table and chairs. I bought the set in plain white and chose to personalize it when I got home. The reason being, that the table is just painted pine, and once Isabella starts to draw or eat on that table, it will instantly get dirty. I had leftover wallpaper from my recent office renovation and thought that would work perfectly for the top of the table.  The wallpaper is basically contact paper for walls..super easy to clean and wipe off any smudges or food that will eventually fall on it. After realizing I had a few more feet left of wallpaper, I decided to cover the seat of two chairs. The results...well, see for yourself. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Here comes Santa Claus...

I don't know about you, but I have been a Pinterest maniac for the past few months now. I search for everything on there. Now that the holidays are fast approaching, I decided this year I would have an advent calendar for Isabella. Of course, I would rather not have to buy one so I searched for the cutest ones to make. There were so many different ones to choose from that I created a board for it just in case I wanted to make a new one for next year. Since December is right around the corner, I opted to make this one. Just had to print it, cut it out and assemble - easy peasy...well, it was slightly time consuming but it was well worth it. Now all I need are things to put inside...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Space to Call my Own...

We have lived at our house for almost 6 years now. We recently underwent a major renovation and now I finally have a space I can call my creative zone, my home away from home {even though technically it's in my home}. It took quite some time but I finally completed my office space. I had a bit of difficulty trying to figure out how to decorate this room. I needed it to be a creative space, a place I didn't mind spending countless hours in, a place that will inspire me every time I walk into it. After loads of research, hours and hours searching on the internet for bits of inspiration, and tons of paint and wallpaper swatches later...I set out to create that wonderful space. With the use of color + a lot of storage, I think I accomplished what I set out for - the perfect little workspace. Here are a few before and after shots..

wallpaper - 
bookcases + storage + desks + chair - ikea
curtain - {threshold} - target
bulletin board - homegoods

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank you...

Just want to take the time to thank all those who provided such wonderful testimonials for me. It is such a wonderful thing to read and to know that all the work I do is so fully supported and appreciated. So with utmost gratitude... I thank you.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Paper Collages...

A friend of mine commissioned me to create a personalized paper collage for her friend that just had a baby girl. I had created one similar a few months ago to welcome another friend's daughter into the world. I actually love creating these collages. I make them in shadow boxes so that I can add texture and depth to the artwork. Personalizing it makes it even better to me, that way the receiver of the gift knows how much effort was put towards the present. The artwork was totally customized. I found out that the parents had created a sort of woodsy theme to the nursery so I worked along those lines.  Check out the photos:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Isabella

Planning a party is difficult enough, but planning a child's first birthday party is a whole other ballgame.  First, was coming up with a theme. At this point, Isabella wasn't really into anything in particular and if she was, she wasn't going to tell me...considering she's only turning one. So it was up to me and her dad to come up with a them...and I thought Vintage Carnival sounded like fun! Perfect for little tykes of all ages. Once the theme was down, it was time to figure out how to create the perfect carnival atmosphere.

After scouring the internet for ideas, I purchased a lot of candy and decorative items from the Oriental Trading Co. Then there were the favor bags which I wanted to be somewhat useful at the end of there use, so I decided to sew them myself. My husband thought I was crazy, but at the end, they came out wonderful. I purchased vintage-y striped fabric, created them into bags, and stuffed them with finger puppets, toys, bubbles and a carnival book. With my sister's house as the backdrop, we created a carnival theme throughout the house and at the end of all that hard was all worth it. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthday Pinwheels

I love pinwheels. They are so easy to make and can be customized to whatever event you plan on having. For Isabella's first birthday, I decided to make pinwheels for all the little ones. I found these beautiful paper books at the local craft store, and using, thin craft dowels, sewing pins, and rubber earring backings (in place of erasers), I started cracking. They couldn't be anymore simpler to make. You can find instructions here.

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