Sunday, January 29, 2012

Planning for a birthday...

I had always wanted to plan a child's birthday party and now that Isabella's turning one soon, I got my chance. Yet, I didn't realize how crazy difficult it would be. A theme...that seemed to be something I needed so that everything related to that one topic. So what to choose from?!? She's turning one..she's not too interested in much except maybe picking dirt off the floor or throwing toys around...doesn't sound much of a theme, does it? I decided to choose something that appealed to me (of course)...and that was a vintage carnival theme.

Now that that was decided, it was time to design the invitations. After searching the web for ideas, downloading fonts off different sites, I created..what I think was the perfect invitation. But of course, printing the invitation was not the end of it. I wanted it embellished..cause I couldn't just send out a printed piece of paper...It had to POP!! So with twine, paper bands and handmade tickets...her invitation was born. The final touch, I hand stamped a vintage carousel on the envelopes. It was a lot of work..but ultimately all worth it.

Take a look.

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