Friday, March 16, 2012

Paper Collages...

A friend of mine commissioned me to create a personalized paper collage for her friend that just had a baby girl. I had created one similar a few months ago to welcome another friend's daughter into the world. I actually love creating these collages. I make them in shadow boxes so that I can add texture and depth to the artwork. Personalizing it makes it even better to me, that way the receiver of the gift knows how much effort was put towards the present. The artwork was totally customized. I found out that the parents had created a sort of woodsy theme to the nursery so I worked along those lines.  Check out the photos:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Isabella

Planning a party is difficult enough, but planning a child's first birthday party is a whole other ballgame.  First, was coming up with a theme. At this point, Isabella wasn't really into anything in particular and if she was, she wasn't going to tell me...considering she's only turning one. So it was up to me and her dad to come up with a them...and I thought Vintage Carnival sounded like fun! Perfect for little tykes of all ages. Once the theme was down, it was time to figure out how to create the perfect carnival atmosphere.

After scouring the internet for ideas, I purchased a lot of candy and decorative items from the Oriental Trading Co. Then there were the favor bags which I wanted to be somewhat useful at the end of there use, so I decided to sew them myself. My husband thought I was crazy, but at the end, they came out wonderful. I purchased vintage-y striped fabric, created them into bags, and stuffed them with finger puppets, toys, bubbles and a carnival book. With my sister's house as the backdrop, we created a carnival theme throughout the house and at the end of all that hard was all worth it. 

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